Friday, September 22, 2017

Arts fellowship for Brokke Erickson

Assistant Professor and Director of the Art Program Sarah Brokke Erickson was awarded a 2017 Arrowhead Regional Arts Council Artist Fellowship for her exhibition 'Reliquaries of the Sacred Feminine' which is on view through the beginning of October at Gallery 315 in Duluth. 
The Tweed Museum of Art acquired one of her works of art for their permanent collection.

Miller publishes and presents

Brendan Miller, Assistant Professor in the department of Chemistry and Physical Sciences, was a co-author on the paper "AGN Activity in Nucleated Galaxies as Measured by Chandra" by Adi Foord et al., published in the Astrophysical Journal in May; assisted with the Undergraduate ALFALFA Team astronomy workshop held at Green Bank Observatory, WV in June, with his NSF-funded CSS summer research student Mariah Ricci also participating; served as a panelist for the NASA Astrophysical Data Analysis Program review in Baltimore, MD in August; presented a talk on "X-ray constraints on the local supermassive black hole occupation fraction" and a poster on "Swift X-ray monitoring of stellar coronal variability" at the High Energy Astrophysics Division conference in Sun Valley, ID in August; enjoyed seeing the total solar eclipse on August 21; and ran an outreach star-gazing event using department telescopes at the wilderness culinary retreat Chef Camp by Sturgeon Lake on Sept. 2.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Dr. Denise Starkey, Associate Professor and Director, Women’s and Gender Studies, delivered a paper entitled "Pilgrimage as Homemaking” at the Imperial College in London, England in April 2017. She also presented "Sexism, Social Location & Intersectionality” on July 23rd at a local training on Understanding Systems of Oppression for the Feminist Action Collective in Duluth.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Project Management MS accredited

Dr. Brandon Olson, associate professor of CIS, reports that the Global Accreditation Center of the Project Management Institute has conferred accreditation status to the College's Master of Science in Project Management program. Our program is now fully accredited by the GAC through May 2020. There are only 28 other GAC accredited institutions in North America and 57 world-wide. Also, we one of only 12 institutions to offer fully online programs across the world with this accreditation.